The Best E Cigarette


What is E Cigarette?

I would like to use this The Best E Cigarette Reviews guide to detailed everything you need to know about E Cigarette.

  1. E Cigarette is a device that powered by batteries.
  2. It gives the feeling of smoking without the com-busting tobacco.
  3. It used as a personal vapor with vary amount of Nicotine that helps to deliver that smoking feeling.
  4. E Cigarettes do not harm people since they do not use tobacco and other harmful substance.

In the present day, many people have addicted to smoking and they are founding a way to quit from that. Well, I do believe that E Cigarette is the best solution to quit smoking in the long run.

By knowing that these E Cigarettes are harmless to health and there are many more benefits. Many people now have started to use these device.

The Best E Cigarette Reviews

There are many companies in the world involved in the manufacturing of electronic cigarettes. They come under various brand names, various versions, various amount of Nicotine in them. Thus, it is a bit hard to select the best electronic cigarette from these. The best electronic cigarette may get differ according to the user and his activities.



VaporFi is an American based company who manufacture  electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and other accessories. In the VaporFi store there are different kinds of vapors available. When it comes to electronic cigarettes you will be surprise on what VaporFi can offer. It has an innovative team who knows what the customers need. VaporFi always make exceptional designs according to that.



JacVapоur was one of the company that produce high quality E cigarettes. The company E Cigarettes have become a true brand among the smokers from all over the world. JacVapour used to produce E cigarettes with the best quality, performance, safety and reliability.





V2 Cigs are one of the best electronic cigarettes brands available in the United Kingdom. According to the Alexa records, it is the No.1 electronic cigarette brand since 2011. V2 Cigs used to produce high quality and it has various flavors.




Vapour-UK-Brands-ecigsVapour.UK is a company located in the city Manchester in United Kingdom. It is one of the best online stores for the electronic cigarettes, E-liquids. The company offer quality and safe vapor and selected as one of the best brands in the market. Vapour.UK has built an enormous reputation over the market since 2010.




Cigees are one of those companies, who have built an enormous reputation in the market. It has become the choice for most of the E Cigarettes users due to their quality products. Cigees offer many models with various features included in Electronic Cigarettes.


If you are planning to quit smoking with the help of E cigarettes, you can refer to below guide for information.

  1. 11 Methods to Quit Smoking Cigarettes
  2. Why E Cigarettes are better than smoking cigarettes?
  3. Can E Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?
  4. E Cigarette – A way to quit smoking

When it comes to choosing the best E Cigarette, there are few factors you should be aware of. One thing is the duration or the time you expect to engage in this activity. You have to ask yourself this question.

  1. “Do you want to use this electronic cigarette for 4 to 8 months as a purpose of quitting smoking?
  2. “Do you want to use it as a hobby for a long time?”

This factor affects your decision when selecting the best electronic cigarette that suit you.

E Cigarette Benefits

how e cigs can help quit smoking

I think you have already heard that the benefits of switching to vaping. Maybe that is why brought you here, but which are those exactly?

They are much safer

Traditional cigarettes use an open fire to light up, stance genuine flame dangers. Smoking traditional cigarettes are the No. 1 reason to flame related demise in the United States and 9 different nations.

E Cigarettes are way healthier than the traditional cigarettes

While we cannot make the case that E cigarettes are healthier. We can bring up how traditional cigarettes are destructive. You don’t need to take our assertion for it. There are endless studies demonstrating how smoking traditional cigarettes can put you at risk. Refer to this E Cigarette Reviews guide on Ugly truth behind smoking.

Such as stroke, heart attack, lung tumor, throat malignancy, pneumonia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and others. Traditional cigarettes contain a reiteration of chemicals which is view as cancer causing.

They have no odor

Fragrance from tobacco smoke gets into or sticks to anything, it interacts with. Such as hair, garments, and anything. Not just does the scent stick, cigarette smell hostile and dodge to close contact.

In case you are a smoker, you do not see it such a great amount since you are drench in it. To non-smokers, and particularly ex-smokers, this odor is exceptional discernible. Tobacco smoke so terrible is because you are blazing tar and chemical substance.

E cigarettes do not have this dismal smell as opposed to breathing out smoke. You are breathing out a vapor that dissipates fast. Non smokers claim that the E cigarette odor to to be nonexistent or reminiscent of cotton sweet.

They are much cheaper than the traditional cigarettes

Between the majorities of this, a pack a day smoker can spend upwards of $300 every month! What is more, this does exclude the expense of different miscellaneous items. For example, lighters, fiery debris plate and a great deal more. E Cigarettes do not share this quandary.

While a percentage of the passage expenses of a starter pack may be a tiny bit higher. The monthly expense of electronic smoking is about half contrasted with conventional cigarettes.

They are more social recognized than the traditional ones

Throughout the years smoking has seen contrary with society everywhere for many reasons.

socially acceptable

  1. The scent
  2. The well being outcomes
  3. The social insurance costs all join to give traditional cigarettes a terrible name.
  4. An expanding measure of limitations around where you can light up. Even at private gatherings where the host is a non-smoker.
  5. Traditional cigarettes can have sways on your social life. Take dating for an illustration – it is uncommon for a non-smoker to be with a smoker.
  6. Smoking can likewise effect occupation prospects. Following more bosses are taking a more basic eye toward conventional cigarettes.

E Cigarette Features


When it comes to its process of functioning, you should know about the parts or the components inside it. The E Cigarette comes with:

  1. Battery.
  2. Heating element.
  3. Cartridge to hold Nicotine.
  4. Flavorings.

Some E Cigarettes are disposable, which means that they can be use only once. Another type of device, which are rechargeable and refillable. Moreover, these rechargeable and refillable device come with different levels of Nicotine.

How does E Cigarettes work ? The person inhales an aerosol, generally known as vapor, as opposed to cigarette smoke. When the user inhales, the airflow goes through a pressure sensor. Finally, triggers the heating element which in turn atomizes the liquids.

Some other devices have a push-button switch to start up the gadget. Those are usually cylindrical, with many modifications. Some device appear to be look alike regular cigarettes, but others do not.

E Cigarette Types


Generally, there are three major types of E Cigarettes:

  1. Tank systems – Larger than Cigar-likes having refillable liquid tanks.
  2. Mods – Put together from basic components or by changing current products.
  3. Cigar-likes – Looking like cigarettes, both disposable or having rechargeable batteries and replaceable nicotine cartridges.

E Cigarette used of rechargeable battery, which seems to form the biggest part of the device. Another type that look like pens are offer for those who might want to use the unit unnoticed.

The reason for people to get used to it is not only that these products are less harm to health but also it saves money. There are many kinds of E Cigarettes with various brands and models available in the market.

How much does E Cigarettes cost?

cost of e cigs

Another thing that you have to look for is the price of the E cigarettes. It is a common thing that “the more you pay, the more you get”. This theory can apply to this instance too.

For new users we recommend of E Cigarette starter kits, price ranging from $ 30.00 – $ 50.00. If you want to use this device for a long time, you may opt to E Cigarette with more features. These devices are of higher price ranges like $ 100.00 – $ 200.00.

5 Things to know when buying an E Cigarette

There are few issues that you have to be aware before selecting the best E cigarettes that suit you.

  1. How often you expect to engage in vaping?
  2. What kind of E cigarette that you need?
  3. Where are you going to buy the E cigarette?
  4. What are the flavors of the E cigarette?
  5. What are the feature and safety of the E cigarette?

It should be clear to you the best E cigarette differs according to the user intentions and feature. When you decide on the above mentioned factors, you can select the E cigarette that suits you best.

  1. If you are about to select The Best E Cigarette of low price and the best buy, check out the V2 Cigs.
  2. If you are looking for The Best E Cigarette of a higher price range and good quality, check out the VaporFi.
  3. The popular Jacvapour SERIES-E Basic Starter Kit are one of the The Best E Cigarette available in the market.

How E Cigarettes Can Help Quitting Smoking?

E Cigarette quit smoking program

One fact is that its design. It gives that first impression to use these E Cigarettes instead of regular ones. Let us go through 4 types of E liquids that helps quit smoking by reducing intake of nicotine from time to time.

e cigs chart

Higher strength E liquids

The E liquids used in e Cigarettes give various strength levels. It differs according to the brand and the model. The regular cigarette users cannot quit from this smoking immediately. They need that strength level that they gained from the regular cigarettes. At first they have to use E Cigarettes that are include with E liquids of higher strength level.

Medium strength E liquids

When the time passing, you can go to next stage. Use E Cigarettes that are medium strength level of E liquids.

Lower strength E liquids

Some people succeed in this process at this level, which means that they quit smoking at this stage. If you still cannot quit, proceed to last stage. Use E Cigarettes that are no nicotine at all.

Zero nicotine E liquids

People think that it is scary to use zero nicotine electronic cigarettes. Yet, it is not scary as you think. If you have decided to quit smoking using E cigarettes, you should know that this day would come. A regular cigarette user can drop cigarette one day and they will succeed in their mission. It is obvious that people can quit smoking using E Cigarettes.

How to choose the right E Cigarette?

Jacvapour e series


Before you buy an E cigarette, assess the different choices, flavors and frill. Consider an item that uses E fluid, or in any event pick a brand that has exchangeable cartridges.


There is a great deal of elements that influence item quality. The principal thing you ought to consider is the brand or supplier’s notoriety. By doing some research, you ought to get a smart thought about what is in store from the company.

Moreover, examine item guarantees and make sure to peruse all the fine print. Some offer lifetime guarantees, yet a 30-day guarantee ought to be least. Know how the guarantee functions and what is in store before you buy it.

Long- term costs

Cost is a critical element to consider. Yet it is the exact opposite thing to consider when attempting to pick the best E cigarette.

What do I need to look for in an E Cigarette?

If you are new in vaping, then you should have some knowledge about it before choosing the right E cigarette. It might sound simple, but there are things that you should consider.

highest quality Jacvapour

Here is what you should look for:

E Cigarette Jacvapour


The production of vapor

The measure of vapor delivered by taking a drag. Better vapor creation for the most part prompts a more reasonable amount of smoke. For light smokers this may not be an issue. But rather for general or heavy smokers vapor volume matters.


Jacvapour batteries


Battery type

Battery life is an essential issue for some users. Overwhelming smokers prefer to have a dependable and long lasting power supply.



Throat hit


Throat hit

Throat hit refer to smoldering sensation you feel on the back of your throat when you take a drag. The harder the throat hit, more it recreates a genuine cigarette.

The size of the E cigarettes

  • Mini size E cigarettejacvapour size comparison

The most prevalent use of beginners, look like the real appearance of cigarette. Minis are little, lightweight and simple to use. Yet, restricted in battery life and execution.

  • Middle size E cigarette

These devices are about the size of a cigarette. It has a tendency to last more in battery life and deliver more vapors.

  • Advanced size E cigarette

Advanced personal vaporizers are definitive vaping gadgets, intended for experienced and committed vipers. These devices are bigger and more muddled than minis or medium size models. It looks like an electric lamp or full pack of traditional cigarettes. They last the longest, full control function, give the most grounded and adjustable features.

Difference between an E cigarette and traditional cigarette

Difference between an e-cigarette and traditional cigarette

Now that you already know about what is E Cigarette. You may wondering what is the real difference between an E Cigarette and traditional cigarette. Now, let us go through the other part of the best E Cigarette Reviews guide to learn more about its feature and benefits.

There are such a few differences between an E Cigarettes and traditional cigarettes.

  1. Their state of mind or component of smoking is diverse.
  2. E Cigarette use liquid to control nicotine intake.
  3. Traditional cigarette contains a few diseases ingredients and other hurtful synthetic mix. Those substance are genuine risk to the smoker’s body and may cause cancer.
  4. The smoke from E Cigarette are less harmful to passive smokers and environment.
  5. The cost of E Cigarette are 80% less from traditional cigarettes.

Dangers of traditional cigarettes

tobacco disease

Smoking is a bad habit and it is injurious to health. People try various methods to get away from this bad habit. However, it is not simple to quit from smoking for a person who have been engaged in this habit for a long time. Moreover, smoking has caused to lose over 4 million deaths per year. Therefore, it is obvious that smokers shall quit from this bad, injurious and dangerous habit.

Most of the people today believe that the best way to quit from smoking is using E Cigarettes. There are some regular cigarette users, who had quit from this bad habit. Nevertheless, it might be still a puzzle to people how this can do. When it comes to quit smoking by using E Cigarettes. There are several reasons that made people to believe and succeed in quit smoking.


There are bunches of changes and adjustments that have been developed in E cigarettes. The real thought are the rate of nicotine or destructive compound items utilized. It has been found that traditional cigarettes contain 4200 harmful concoction substance. Among which 45 are disease bringing about components.

E cigarette does not use tobacco for smoking. Only two cancers causing substance, diethyl glycol and TSNA are founds. E cigarettes does not require nicotine heat, it has fueled by a rechargeable battery.

The smoke created by E cigarettes is warm E fluid or water vapor, which is less harmful to the smoker. Smoke of tobacco cigarettes contains cancer causing substance and harmful carbon dioxide gas. It is unsafe for passive smokers and the environment. In terms of expense, E cigarettes are 80% less expensive than the traditional cigarettes.

Dangers of E Cigarettes


It is true that we can stop smoking with the use of E cigarettes. However, as in each device there are some negative sides in these electronic devices too. These negative sides of E Cigarettes can consider as dangers of traditional cigarettes.

E cigarettes are included with a substance or an e-liquid called Nicotine. E liquid gives the feeling of smoking, but it is not as dangerous as traditional cigarettes. Because they do not burn tobacco as regular cigarettes. Regular cigarettes are injurious to your body and health.

The danger in this Nicotine is that people can be addicting to the taste and feel of it. Therefore, it is up to the person who uses these E cigarettes to use it for his or her target. Their main goal should be not to have a substitution but to have a way to end smoking. When should I move to next stage to reduce the intake of nicotine from E liquid? How soon can I achieve the zero nicotine target?

Nicotine is addictive

Some people say that it could be a gateway drug. They say that it would lead nonsmokers, students and youngsters use tobacco. It is obvious that there is another danger in using E cigarettes.

We should implement laws, if possible, to protect our younger generation. The use of these E cigarettes as a cure for only for smoking.

Tobacco advertising

There is another factor that we should consider about the companies that manufacture these E cigarettes. The main objective of these companies is to have as much as income and profit by selling their products.

They produce commercial advertisements to increase their sales. Therefore, there is a possibility of becoming smoking popular again. That will pave the way for the smokers who quit smoking to smoke again. It is one of the biggest dangers of these E Cigarettes.

Symptoms of quitting nicotine

When people stop using “nicotine contained E cigarettes”, these users will have some symptoms like feeling irritable, depressed, restless and anxious. Moreover, it might be dangerous to people who do have heart problems. It may cause harm the arteries over the time.

It is clear that there are good and bad in using electronic cigarettes. Therefore, people should know to get the better and drop the bad.