6 reasons why teens find it difficult to quit smoking

why teens find it difficult to quit smoking

6 reasons why teens find it difficult to quit smoking

Smoking is so popular among the teens across the globe despite of the nasty health issues it causes. In fact, teens find it really hard to quit smoking than the adults due to various reasons which are completely different than the reasons which adults come across.

When you observe the statistics with a good attention, you may notice that there is a clear decline of the teenage smoking during 1990s. Unfortunately, the recent studies show that there is a rise in the number once again. This article is composed with the intention of explaining some of the major reasons that hinder teens from quitting smoking.

  1. Smoke addicted parents or family members

Teenagers find it extremely difficult to quit smoking if one or both the parents are smokers. In fact, kids learn everything from their closest environment regardless of the effects what they learn. So, if you expect your kids to be away from smoking, as parents / adults, you need to set them an example by quitting smoking.

  1. Motivation / pressure from Peers

Teens usually have their own social groups where various habits generate in the form of standards or norms. Any teenager who needs to fit into these groups should practice what the others do. Smoking is one of the most common habits or norms among these social groups. Once a kid get into such group it is extremely difficult to quit smoking as long as he or she stays with the particular group.

  1. Advertising

Apart from the motivation or the pressure directed by the peers, advertising plays a huge role in keeping teenagers attracted to smoking. In fact, teenagers can be convinced easily that any other age group because of their curiosity. Most of the tobacco companies keep highlighting smoking as one of the coolest things in life and they spend billions of dollars annually to grab attention of youngsters.

  1. Movies

Movies can strongly convince teenagers to smoke, but this fact is being neglected by a vast majority of parents. Despite of all the educational and awareness programs you arrange to make your kids to quit smoking, when they see their heroes or role models smoking in their favorite movies, kids are much likely to imitate them.

  1. Biological reasons

Interestingly, most of the young girls believe in smoking as an aid for their weight-loss process. As per the researches carried out by various institutes, a significant number of teenage girls believe in smoking as a very effective diet tool regardless of the health issues. Once they start to smoke, they find it extremely hard to quit because young brains are exceptionally receptive biologically to nicotine.

  1. Poor awareness of health risks

Naturally, during the teenage, kids are unlikely to observe the health issues pertaining to something they believe to be “cool”. This is one of the major reasons in preventing kids from quitting smoking.

The most effective way to help your kids to quit smoking is to build the awareness and be a role model. You need patience when you deal with these situations and be sure that you do not make things worse by overreacting.