E-Cigarette – A way to quit smoking

A way to quit smoking - E Cigarette

A way to quit smoking – E Cigarette

There are approximately 1 billion members of the world who are smokers and it seems there are more joining their numbers every day. This smoking problem is now acute that governments and schools run courses to educate children about the danger of smoking and help who need advice and consultant’s help.

Basically everyone knows that smoking cause lung cancer. But what they do not know is that smoking can be also responsible:

  1. Cancers of the bladder
  2. Cancers of Kidneys
  3. Cancers of pancreas
  4. Cancers of  liver
  5. Bronchitis
  6. Emphysema
  7. Ulcers and many more

Smoking also cause lots of illness which are not critical but cause a lot of discomfort and distress. In the most developed parts of the world, 2 million people die annually because they smoke and 50% of those people are in the age 35 to 69 age range. Not only smoking cause health problems, it also has a negative effect on your looks. Especially there will be wrinkles developed earlier in life than otherwise.

As describes above there is nothing but bad news in smoking. Once you are aware of the danger of smoking, you must decide if it’s worth continuing. So if you need to quit smoking there are many ways that you can follow. One of the best way that you do is use an Electronic Cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette, which is also known as E-Cigarette is a latest device which has a same design as the ordinary cigarette. There are 3 main parts to the E-Cigarette and that includes Tank/Cartomizer, Atomizer and rechargeable battery.

There are no ash, flame, horrible smell and bad breath. When comparing the substances which uses to create cigarette and the E-Cigarette there are less harmful substances in the E-Cigarette. So this can be called as the healthier alternative for the ordinary cigarette.

E-Cigarette can be used to quit smoking is that, there are many E-liquid types available and that includes different flavors. Most important thing about these E-liquids is that there are E-liquids which has different levels of nicotine. This nicotine levels include:

  1. High percentage of nicotine
  2. Medium percentage of nicotine
  3. Low percentage of nicotine
  4. E-liquids without nicotine

If you are a heavy smoker you can start with the E-liquid which has a higher nicotine percentage and use it for a while. Then step to the next E-liquid type which has a medium nicotine level. When you are finally used to that level of nicotine you can use the E-liquid that has a low nicotine level and finally stop taking nicotine. If you come to the no more nicotine level then you have quit smoking.

E-Cigarette is a Revolutionary, Dynamic and High-Tech device which will change your life and make your life better. If you determined to stop smoking and having a hard time to do it, this will be the best option that you can take. So make a difference and be a role model to everyone.