Electronic Cigarette – Smoke without Fire

Electronic Cigarette – Smoke without Fire

It is almost a decade has passed to the invention of Electronic Cigarettes. Its most definitely a clever invention aimed to provide heavy smokers with a healthier option. Compared with earlier versions of Electronic Cigarettes, new version is more users friendly and it looks almost like an ordinary cigarette.

There is also a “mini” version, which is a more realistic E-Cigarette. Although there is a taste of tobacco in the E-Cigarette, there are no tobaccos or any other harmful substances containing in the E-Cigarette.

Smoking brings you nothing but trouble to your life. Not only the people who are smoking suffer from health problems, by passive smoking, others will be in trouble too. There are tons of health risks attributed with smoking and some are immediate.

There are about six hundred substances included in an ordinary cigarette

Following are some of the harmful substances in cigarettes and the health risk of them.

  1. Fungicides and pesticides – Cause cancer and birth defects.
  2. Benzene – Leukemia.
  3. Cadmium – Lung and prostate cancer.
  4. Formaldehyde – Lung cancer.
  5. Nickel – Lung infections.

There are tars and many other harmful substances added to cigarettes. Earlier Cigarettes were unfiltered allowing the full flavor of the tar to come through. Due to health concerns, filter is added. Still, filter does not remove enough tar to make cigarettes less dangerous.

In addition, there is rocket fuel included on the tip of the cigarette burning at an extremely hot temperature, which allows the nicotine in tobacco to turn into a vapor so lungs can absorb them smoothly.

As you can see, there is no good in smoking cigarettes. But yes! It is a well-known fact that it is a very hard habit to stop. The reason for this is especially nicotine and other substances, which are included in cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette and its benefits

Mainly there are three parts for the Electronic Cigarette and those are:

  1. Rechargeable battery
  2. Atomizer
  3. Renewable nicotine chamber

Nicotine chamber allow the smoker to hold and smoke the Electronic Cigarette just as using an ordinary cigarette.

There are many benefits of using the Electronic Cigarette. One is that you can use different levels of nicotine cartridges, so that you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that you are using per day and finally stop smoking.

Even if you are not willing to stop smoking, you will be at least able to have a smoking experience that will not corrupt your health as in ordinary cigarettes. Since it does not emit any dangerous substances, toxins or real smoke they are legal to smoke in public.

People who are not smoking, no need to worry about passive smoking because that won’t happen if the person who is smoking an E-Cigarette. Therefore, it is safe to say that Electronic Cigarettes are healthier, cheaper and environmental friendly alternative to smoking. Since the Electronic Cigarette is getting more and more popular, soon it will be able to replace the ordinary cigarette.