How to stop smoking?

how to stop smoking

How to stop smoking?

People smoke due to various reasons. Regardless of the reason, smoking doesn’t do any good for you or your companions. Therefore, if you are a smoker, the best thing is to quit smoking as soon as possible throwing away all the fake reasons you have actually made up for yourself to justify your bad habit. Mentioned below are some helpful tips that will aid you in quitting smoking.

  1. Get help from others who already quit

People who have already quit smoking are the real life examples. It is a great assistance for you if you can find such people and get some advice from them. Simply, you can discuss the difficulties you undergo during the process and get their tested solutions. You cannot expect a nonsmoker to help you. People who have quit are the best ones to get assistance from.

  1. Find a buddy to quit smoking

In this case, you need to find a person that has the same determination as you to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is not the easiest thing to do and if you find a reliable companion, things would be little easy for you. However, if the buddy you select to quit smoking with you doesn’t have the same commitment towards the task, the plan might go entirely wrong.

  1. Sleep well

Soon after you quit smoking, your physical body will go through some changes. You need to allow your body to adapt to the changes. As a result of the sudden emotional changes, you will show some anger towards the society. You need to give yourself plenty of time to have tight sleep if you need to overcome this situation. Otherwise, your effort will be in vain.

  1. Change the Focus

You shouldn’t be overly focused on cigarettes because it will make you attracted towards the subject you want to quit. Instead of thinking about it over and over, just find something else to focus. You may read a book, play a computer game, listen to some music or engage something that can change your focus on cigarettes. Be sure not to think about the past where you smoked as it will grab your focus and encourage you to smoke.

  1. Accept alternatives

Drugs that help you to quit smoking and nicotine patches are short term solutions. They do not hit the smoke addiction core at all. Therefore, it is better not to depend on them and look for alternative options that keep you permanently away from smoking. You always have to rely on yourself with a solid intention.


Smoking is nothing but a habit and when you destroy the cause of the habit, you are very much likely to overcome the situation. Whenever you feel like smoking, stop what you were doing and engage with a new task in a different place. Avoid the stressful activities until you get familiar with your non-smoking life.