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Everything you need to know about JACVapour and E cigarettes!

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I believe that we all know how many health effects of smoking traditional cigarettes. Even the passionate smokers well aware about this fact. Nowadays, with the advance of technology where literally everything is possible.

E Cigarettes has become popular in the last few years and many passionate smokers changed from traditional cigarettes. For most of them, JACVapоur is a name of a well known brand of E cigarettes.

In this review, you are going to find out a little bit more about JACVapоur and E cigarettes!

What does JACVapour do to ensure vaping is safe

Safety is everything in this life, I guess we all have it clear and JACVapоur has it clear as well. So probably, you are asking yourself whether these e-cigarettes, which are offer by our company, are safe and how we can ensure you in that.

Jacvapour Safety Process

E-cigarettes are sort of young invention, but they are definitely are much safer than the traditional cigarettes and that is scientifically proved. JACVapоur always makes sure that our products are safe and their quality is a very high level by making an independent test.

For our customers to be safe, we have to mention that we use pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients.

We are members of ECITA and we are bounds by a strict code of conduct when it comes to the safety and quality of our products. So do not worry, vaping with Јacvapоur is safe!

What is the JACVapour best flavor

jacvapour flavour

Well, the truth is that the answer in this question lies within you. I mean it is up to you what your favorite flavor would be since it is matter of taste.

However, we are going to make a few suggestions that might help you in the choice when it comes to the flavor of the e-cigarette.


Here belong the popular Vanilla and chocolate flavor that are incredibly sweet and are the favorite ones of many vapors.

If you are lover of vanilla and chocolate in general then this flavor is definitely the right choice for you. You can even mix it with other e-liquids such as Mint and some fruit!


If you are lover of the fruit, then definitely you are going to love this flavor! There are many variation of fruit flavor because there are so many fruits all around the world. Apple, Banana, Orange, Lemon, Watermelon, Kiwi, Peach etc! The choice is wide.

Moreover, if you decide to pick this flavor, do not forget that it is very refreshing as well!


Minty/ menthol flavor are also very popular! They are not only refreshing, but also being mix with tobacco so they would have little smokiness if that were your preference!


This flavor is for the nostalgic lovers of the ex- smokers of the well know traditional cigarettes.

If you are one of them, this one is without a doubt the right choice for you! There are also variety of tobacco flavors such as:

  • Tobacco Virgin- No sweetness at all
  • DK TAB- a little bit of sweetness, for the lovers of caramel blend
  • Smooth Cigar- leaves authentic smokiness
  • Real Tobacco Light- far more smoother
  • Reds USA- Smokier than the standard tobacco, but with some little amount of sweetness
  • Desert Ship- similar to the famous Turkish tobaccos


We can talk about flavors for like a week, but we could not explain it that good since as I said earlier it is all matter of personal taste, so better try it and decide it by you!

Recommended flavors to match your new vaping habits

Based on the research and customer feedback, we recommend below flavors to match with your existing cigarette brands.

Cigarette BrandRecommended flavorsRecommended flavorsRecommended flavors
Cigar Smoker
Cutters Choice
Drum Blue
Golden Virginia

How to use JACVapour E-cigarette

Jacvapour e series

How to charge the battery

JACVapour charging In every e-cigarette bundle, you will discover a USB charger for your battery. Some may incorporate chargers for divider outlets and auto cigarette lighters; however, these are generally extraordinary contrasted with USB chargers. Your USB charger is the thing that empowers you to e-smoke. It keeps your battery charged, so it is vital to keep it in a spot where you will not lose it.

To charge your e-cigarette’s battery, you simply need to screw the end of the battery into the strung end of the charger. Most e-cigarette USB chargers will have a little light that squints to tell you that your battery is charging. Contingent upon the kind of e-cigarette and USB charger, the light may additionally kill when your batteries completely charged or it may change shading.

How to use cartomisers

jacvapour cartomisers Your e-cigarette will probably utilize one of two outlines: the three-section e-cigarette with a battery, atomizer and cartridge, or a two-section e-cigarette that has a battery and a cartridge joined with an atomizer.

To utilize a cartridge with your e-cigarette, you have to locate the little metal atomizer included with it, screw it on the battery and after that push the cartridge over the atomizer.

To utilize a cartomisers, you have to curve it into your e-cigarette battery. Since a cartomisers has an inner warming curl, there is no compelling reason to utilize a different atomizer.

How to change the flavor

jacvapour flavours type When you have a decent comprehension of how your e-cigarette functions and how to utilize it, you may begin to search for approaches to spare cash while e smoking or you may start to try different things with the wide mixed bag of flavors out there.

There are many e-fluid organizations in United States, China and around of the world. A considerable lot of them make their e-fluids starting with no outside help, which brings about one of a kind flavor that you will not discover anywhere else.

How to refill the cartridge or cartomisers

Jacvapour cartomisers Refilling an e-cigarette cartridge is not that difficult, yet it does take some practice. You expel the cartridge from your e-cigarette and turn the cartridge with the goal that you can see the wipe. You then include a few drops of e-fluid from a container until the wipe seems soaked with fluid.

When all are set, you can just introduce the cartridge on your e-cigarette once more. It is significant that you can just do this such a large number of times with a cartridge before the wipe starts to debase or you begin to see indications of spilling. When you see both of those signs, it is time to chance the cartridge.

Refilling a cartomisers is not much harder. However, we suggest doing as such before it gets to be dry. While a cartomisers will at present produce vapor while it is not very dry, you will see that, when you pry the spread off it, the filler material at the top seems dry.

You can refill it by gradually adding e-fluid to this filler material a couple drops at once until it would appear that the filler material is wet. Supplant the spread and introduce your cartomisers on your e-cigarette once more.

JACVapour Latest Promotion

We hope this guide was very helpful for you and that you are now able to buy a Јacvjapоur e-cigarette and slowly switch to vaping! It is just much cheaper and much healthier!

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