Natural Home remedies for you to quit smoking

Natural Home remedies for you to quit smoking

Natural Home remedies for you to quit smoking

There are hundreds of severe and minor health issues associated with smoking. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most common causes of preventable deaths all over the world for many years. Highly possible risks of getting cancers and severe health conditions like heart disease and stroke.

If you intend to quit smoking, you betters do it right now without smoking at least one more cigarette. Although it is hard to quit, it is not impossible as long as you have the power of will and solid commitment.

When you break a strong addiction, you will come across some withdrawal symptoms, which may drag you to smoke another cigarette. Therefore, if you need to quit smoking effectively, you have to determine remedies for these symptoms as a backup for the total process. Here are some home remedies that might help you.

Engage in physical exercises

Once the decision is take to quit smoke, better to pick a healthier habit. Many studies show that physical training programs can help you to quit smoking. Simply, unhealthy cigarettes and the healthy habit of exercising do not get along at all. Scientifically, nicotine is known as to be stress reliever. When you quit on taking in nicotine, your stress level tends to rise. Therefore, picking a healthy alternative like doing exercises to relief stress is a smart and highly beneficial idea.

Try Lobelia (Not for pregnant women)

Lobelia – natural herb that can fight against the symptoms of nicotine withdraw. Lobelia comes with lobeline, which is an active ingredient that does the job of an anti-smoking product. You can find lobelia in the form of a vinegar tincture. Having 30 – 50 drops three times a day would be fine for you. It is always better to go with a minimum dosage and then systematically increase by the time being. You should get the recommendation of a qualified medical practitioner before using lobelia.

Have some fresh oranges

Smoking reduces the levels of Vitamin D in the body. To fulfill this Vitamin D needs, you can seek the assistance of fresh oranges. In addition to that, orange juice has the ability of reducing different types of cancers in the body. Interestingly, most of the smokers will experience an annoying feeling when they smoke after consume an orange. While giving preference to oranges, you need to cut down your meat intake, as they are capable of creating an urge to smoke.

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

This is another effective herb which can assist you to overcome nicotine withdraw symptom and depression. Two capsules per day (1 X 2) for two weeks will be a great relief for those who recently quit smoking.

Despite of all the remedies it is all about your determination if you wish to be an ex-smoker. Be strong enough to stand against the urge and avoid cigarettes for your own betterment.