Nicotine Gums – An effective way of quitting smoking


Nicotine Gums 

As per the estimations, more than 50% of the long-term smokers die early due to the toxic inhalation. In addition to that, a significant percentage of smokers die of lung cancers and other severe diseases. Although cigarette packets come with various types of warnings, smokers find it hard to quit this hazardous habit because of the addiction.

The main reason for people to stick to smoking knowing all the harmful health issues is the addictive substance called nicotine. When a person quits smoking, he will come across a situation called smoking withdrawal symptom. During this stage the person may experience physical and mental distress because of the sudden shortage of the usual nicotine intake.

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is available in plants like Nicotiana Tabacum and Nicotiana Rustica. It is known to be a drug with stimulant and addictive characteristics. Nicotine has the ability to stimulate and relax the brain after the consumption. However, consuming nicotine in large amounts is pretty harmful. It is the main ingredient in a cigarette and that is why smoking is so addictive.

After a sudden stoppage of nicotine supply, the smoker will experience various side effects called smoking withdrawal symptoms. Below listed is a set common smoking withdrawal symptoms.

  • Sudden mood swings and irritant feelings
  • Noticeable constant shivering of arms and legs
  • Unusual sweating and nausea conditions
  • Possible cramps in stomach
  • Higher desire for nicotine
  • Regular headaches and constipation
  • Symptoms of cold (cough and sore throat are very common symptoms)
  • Conditions like insomnia and anxiety

Quitting smoking

If you need to quit smoking, you need to have a great amount of self-control. In addition to that, you should have a great assistance from friends, family members and colleges. Chewing a nicotine containing gum would be a great assistance for you to quit smoking because it supplies traces of nicotine to your body in a much healthier way than smoking a lethal cigarette.

There are various nicotine gums available in the market and most of them allow you to get rid of the habit of smoking within several weeks’ time.

How can nicotine gums help you?

AS we mentioned earlier, nicotine gums are made with traces of nicotine which is comparatively low than the amounts you find in cigarettes. These gums will make sure your body gradually adapts to a nicotine free condition.

The nicotine dosages that are found in the gums should be gradually reduced weekly. This can be done by gradually reducing the number of gums you chew per week.

Pregnant women and breast feeding moms are advised to consult a doctor before consuming these gums. In addition to that, those who are currently under medication should get medical advice before starting this treatment.

Despite of the third-party treatments like nicotine gums, you need to have a great deal of enthusiasm and determination to quit smoking. It is vital to do an assessment about the benefits and drawbacks of the smoking and come to a determination by yourself.