Passive Smoking – The Silent Killer

Passive Smoking the silent killer

Passive Smoking

Passive smoking or second hand smoking is also known as involuntary smoking. That is because the victim involuntarily inhales the exhales of a smoker and side-stream smokes which comes out during the tobacco burning process. There are more than 4,000 toxins are present in cigarettes. Almost 70 of these substances are definite causes of cancers.

In fact, passive smokers face the same health risks faced by smokers.

  1. Damaged blood vessels
  2. Raised low-density cholesterol levels
  3. Definite risks of issues pertaining to respiratory and cardiovascular systems

As per the studies, a significant amount of deaths and diseases are reported from across the globe directly due to passive smoking. Sadly, passive smoking effects mainly on women and children.

Effects of Passive Smoking

Lung cancers and heart diseases are obvious issues pertaining to passive smoking. Apart from those obvious health issues, passive smoking will deliver the victims a number of other risks. Some of those effects can be listed as below.

  • Asthma and Diabetes

Yes! Passive smoking is proven to have a greater ability in making things worse for adults those who already suffer from health issues like asthma, allergies and diabetes.

  • Dementia and Hearing Loss

Passive smokers who are above the age of 50, faces a higher risk of getting dementia and hearing issues. This occurs mainly due to the excessive exposure to tobacco smoke that has thousands of toxic substances.

  • Problems in Pregnancy

If pregnant women exposed to secondhand passive smoking there are higher chances of developing risks of premature births. Making things worse, passive smoking can be responsible for newborn child to have damaged carotid arteries or low birth weight.

  • Child Deaths

Shockingly more than 170,000 children across the globe die every year because of the direct influences of the involuntary smoking. The things become critical in families where one or both the parents are smokers. In addition to the parents, close relatives are also a major source of generating passive smoking for kids.

  • Breast Cancers

As per a research conducted by California Environmental Protection Agency, involuntary smoking or passive smoking has a great ability in maximizing the risks of breast cancer. Stating a figure, it is a possibility of 70 percent. This is highly effective with postmenopausal women.


According to the expert medical professionals, the smoke generates by burning the end of a conventional cigarette emits more toxic and lethal substances than the inhaled smoke by the original smoker. More importantly, the passive smokers inhale the fume directly making things worse.

These fumes contain particles that are very much smaller and therefore they have the possibility of staying longer in the air and reach deeper ends of the victim’s lungs and get deposited there for a longer duration.

Concerning all the facts mentioned above, it is extremely important to keep your loved ones away from the lethal fumes you purposely inhale until you put a constructive effort to quit smoking.