How to Quit Smoking the Healthy Way

How to Quit Smoking the Healthy Way

How to Quit Smoking the Healthy Way

Many smokers believe quitting is mostly a matter of stopping tobacco and relying upon sheer determination to quit. Yes, it is actually the thing that needs to be done. However, it is not easy as saying the words. It will be hard task for highly addicted smoker and even may cause mental depression.

So is this necessary need to be this much hard? Well no! It does not.

One of the best things you can do is using an Electronic Cigarette. If you are highly addictive to nicotine, you will be very uncomfortable when you stop using Cigarettes at once. Therefore, if you are using an Electronic Cigarette you do not need to stop getting nicotine at once. It is a slow process but it is easy and the outcome will be a huge success.

Since there are different kinds of nicotine cartridges available for Electronic Cigarettes, you can use a high nicotine level and then start reducing the amount of nicotine level you are using. In this way, though you are getting nicotine to your body you will get less of them gradually. So that it will not be that much hard when you finally come to a low amount of nicotine level and finally stop smoking.

Why do I need to stop smoking?

Do you have children? Then you must know that not only the direct smoker gets all the health problems. Even the people who are around you which are the secondary smokers will get harmful health effects too. One of the main problems of smoking is cancer.

Because of the carcinogens and mutagens found in cigarettes and tobacco products, there is no doubt that smoke cause cancer. Common cancers people are getting are:

  1. Cancers of the oral cavity
  2. Laryngeal cancer
  3. Esophageal cancer
  4. Pancreatic cancer
  5. Lung cancer

Especially in the United States, almost 87% of lung cancers are caused by smoking. In addition, lung cancer risk of secondhand smokers is increase by 20%-30%.

Another problem that smokers experience is its effects on the heart. Since nicotine causes narrowing of the blood vessels, it leads to blockage. Therefore, smokers have a higher possibility to suffer from heart attacks.

In addition, the immune system is being harm by smoking. It leads to acquiring various infections such as:

  1. Common colds
  2. Chronic bronchitis
  3. Invasive pneumococcal disease

If a pregnant woman smokes, it deprives oxygen for the fetus and the infant can be born with low birth weight and small for gestational age. Likewise, there are health’s problems occur from smoking.

As you can see there is no doubt that smoking is a bad habit and it is a hard task to stop smoking. Although E Cigarette is an easy way to stop smoking if you don’t have the eager and self-motivation to stop smoking even the E-Cigarette won’t be a help. Therefore, for your own sake and for others it is best to stop smoking and invest the money you spend for something more useful.