Quit Smoking with Simple Tricks

Quit Smoking with Simple Tricks

Quit Smoking with Simple Tricks

The main burden for most of the smoker to quit smoking is their craving for tobacco. Regardless of the age and gender, quitting smoking can be difficult because of this situation. However, if you can adhere to following simple tricks, quitting smoking will not be hard as it used to be.

Go for a Nicotine replacement therapy

No matter how hard the efforts you put to stop smoking, if you have a heavy desire for nicotine, you have to seek the help of a nicotine replacement therapy. These replacements therapies can be find in the market in different forms like nicotine gum, nicotine nasal spray and inhaler, nicotine patch and so on.

Other options like gums and patches can be purchase from your local drug store over the counter. These products are not associated with any addictive effects and therefore, you can stop them whenever you need.

Use E Cigarettes

Usage of an E-cigarette is considering very effective way to get rid of conventional cigarettes. There is no tobacco content included in e-cigarettes and therefore, they are very much less harmful than the conventional cigarettes. These alternatives have the ability of giving you the identical stimulation of a conventional cigarette but with no toxic substances.

There are various of E cigarette companies in the market who provide quit smoking kits which are highly effective to get rid of smoking gradually. All the liquids that come with e-cigarettes are free from toxic substances like tobacco, carbon monoxide and tar.

Skip triggers

Every person has reasons that trigger the urge of smoking. You need to identify your reason for trigger and avoid it as much as possible. It can be a situation, a person, a place or an activity; you need to avoid them. Find healthier alternatives to skip the temptation.

Be aware of tobacco smoking

There are plenty of sources available to get information about tobacco. These sources are capable of providing you necessary information about the true effects of tobacco. This information will ignite your urge to quit smoking and stop the cool impression about smoking cigarettes. Also, be wise to read the challenges faced by other quitters and get a good idea about the process prior to the process.


In addition to the tips provided above, you can reduce the urge for smoking by chewing something healthy whenever you feel like smoking. You can have some fruits enriched with antioxidants Apples, grapes and oranges are examples for such antioxidants.

Moreover, oranges have a great ability to reduce the urge for smoking than any other fruit. Drinking an orange juice increases the Vitamin B level of the body too. Drinking a lot of water is also a healthier way to get rid of the craving desire for tobacco.

Motivational therapies, acupuncture and behavioral therapies are other effective ways of quitting smoke effectively. It is vital to keep your focus with a determination if you really need to live a healthier life.