Smoking Cigarettes and Health issues

Why E Cigarettes are better than smoking cigarettes

Smoking Cigarettes and Health issues  

Smoking results you a huge amount of harmful health issues because of the highly toxic chemical substances containing inside the cigarette. With every cigarette you smoke, a substantial amount of deadly chemicals get into your respiratory system and then circulate through the body. Considering the number of chemicals and their effects, cigarettes are disastrous for any living being.

Interestingly, with so many proven health risks, people still want to smoke due to various reasons. In addition to the hazardous effects caused to you as a smoker, smoking cigarettes are harmful for your companions and family members in terms of second hand smoking. Second hand smoking will cause them serious breathing problems and if both the parents are smokers, it is needless to say the seriousness of the situation of children.

Here are some of the serious medication complications that are common among the smokers.

Heart Diseases

Smokers have very high chances of getting heart attacks. The more you smoke every day, higher the chances of getting bad heart condition. In fact, smokers have significantly more chances of having heart attacks (three to four times) than a nonsmoker. When smoking is coupled with high blood pressure or increased cholesterol levels, this possibility will increases even further.


It is scientifically proven that smoking does a significant influence on the arteries which carry blood towards the brain. As a result of smoking, these arteries and the other tissues are likely to get harden exposing you for a higher risk of strokes. According to the facts, smokers have significantly higher chances of getting strokes than the nonsmokers.

Erectile Dysfunction

It is time to face the reality. Smoking doesn’t make you more of a man as per the commercials, but exactly the opposite can take place. As per the clinical tests conducted, smoking has a direct connection with erectile dysfunction. Shockingly, the chances of impotence are double than a nonsmoker. This mainly happens because smoking directly effects badly on the blood flow of the body and erection is a function based on proper blood flow towards the penis.


Considering the large number of harmful chemicals found on cigarettes, cancer seems to be an obvious cause. Although smoking directly affects your respiratory system at the moment you inhale, the cause of the cancers are not limited to the lungs. As a matter of fact, 90% of lung cancer death in men and 80% of the same in women are directly associated with smoking. In addition to that, oral cancer is also a common occurrence among the smokers. As per the new researches smoking can cause cancers in bladder, kidney and pancreatic cancers as wells as possibilities of stomach and cervical cancer.

Chronic Lung Disease

As we already know, smoking directly affects lungs. In addition to cancers, smoking plays a huge role in causing other lung diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease too. Apart from COPD, Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are also directly linked to smoking as per the studies.

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