Stop Smoking – Why Quit Smoking?

why quit smoking now

Why Quit Smoking?

Lighting a cigarette is easy, stopping lighting it again is not that easy at all. That is why governments of many countries and some organizations take actions to prevent smoking as much as possible. There are some countries which forbid smoking in public places and almost every cigarette packet contain a label which says smoking cause cancer or any other warning sign.

In some countries it is forbidden to sell cigarettes for persons who are under 18 and the age limit is 21. In the school education system also school children are advice to no to smoke and teachers are supposed to educate about the health issues they will have if they smoke and many other facts regarding smoking.

Likewise there is a large program going on to prevent smoking as much as possible. So let’s see what the reason is for this. The U.S. Surgeon General Report says that “There are over 4000 chemical compounds in tobacco smoke” and over 40 of them can cause cancer.

Why do you need to quit smoking?

  1. Save money
  2. Avoid emphysema
  3. Avoid cancer and heart attack
  4. Avoid premature wrinkling of the skin
  5. Avoid impotence and infertility
  6. Be a better role model for your children

Cancers and specially lung cancers is a common health issue for smokers. There is a huge risk of getting lung cancer if you are a daily smoker. Not only that, other cancer types such as kidney cancers, cancers of the pancreas and bladder cancers can also occur. Since nicotine narrows the blood vessels there is a possibility of having heart attacks too.

If you do the math there is a large amount of money you are spending on cigarettes. If you can just save that money on the bank at least you will be able to pay for your child’s college education, buy a car or any other useful thing.

For a satisfaction of couple of minutes which even corrupts your health, is something waste of your money. So if you are really willing to stop smoking. It is better to try E Cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette is an electronic device which looks exactly like an ordinary cigarette. But the specialty of this is although this function as same as the ordinary cigarette, it is less harmful for your health. Since the nicotine level can be changed, you can start with a high nicotine level and gradually reduce the nicotine level until you no longer need nicotine. Best thing about the Electronic Cigarette is that there is no ash, flame, tar other chemical which is harmful included. So it is not only easy to use, it is more safe compared with the traditional cigarette.