Ugly truth behind smoking

Ugly truth behind smoking

Ugly truth behind smoking

For many years, smoking is being an addictive habit among the teenagers and adults regardless of the nationality. Nicotine is one of the main ingredients found in cigarettes and that particular substance makes sure that the smokers are addicted to cigarettes. Nicotine is regarded as the main burden in quitting smoking because of its highly addictive characteristics.

Interestingly, smoking is regarded as a standard in certain social groups in the society like teenagers and young adults. It starts as a trend or a norm and develops as a habit within a very short period of time. When they realize the adverse effects of smoking, it is pretty difficult for them to quit because of the addiction.

This particular addiction will make sure that you spend a considerable amount of hard earned money. More importantly, smoking causes some seriously life threatening health issues like cancers, heart attacks, strokes and lung infections. Apart from these lethal diseases, smoking is always associated with some minor but annoying health issues like bad breath, yellow teeth and fingers, bad skin etc.

Apart from all the direct effects that are applied on the person who smokes, smoking causes second hand smoking which emits large amounts of toxic chemicals to air which is breathable by those who are closer to you. It is a serious issue when it comes to children and women who hang around the smokers.

Effects of smoking as facts

  • Premature death is a pretty common instance among the smokers. These shocking facts show that every year more than 400000 people in the United States die because of the diseases caused by smoking cigarettes. Shockingly, these numbers include the children who died due to second hand smoking from their parents of close relatives.
  • At the time you smoke, with each and every inhale, you take in more than 4800 toxic chemicals. Out of which, approximately 70 substances are capable of triggering various types of cancers in your body. More than 90% of lung cancer fatalities in the US occur due to smoking. To get out of the danger zone, all you need to do is to quit smoking and that’s it.
  • Annually, due to second hand smoking, an increasing number of kids are diagnosed with respiratory and coronary diseases like asthma and allergies. In addition to that poor immune system and other nasty diseases are common occurrences of the second hand smoking. Moreover, these kids are most likely to start smoking as they grow older.
  • Pregnant women who smoke or who are surrounded by smokers the baby is more likely to develop conditions like heart and lung weaknesses. Also, there is a potential risk for premature birth or sometimes even severe cases like death of the child.

In addition to the serious health issues, smoking may cause various short term negative issues like dental problems, hygiene problems etc. Yellowish teeth, gun diseases and plague are the obvious results of smoking in addition to the bad breath. It is time to think realistically and stay away from smoking.