Vapour.UK Reviews

In the present day the usage of electronic cigarettes has become reduced due to some reasons, but it has not extinct from this society. There are still some people who use these harmful tobacco containing in regular cigarettes. According to the records and specialists of electronic cigarettes, e Cigs or e Cigarettes have become one of the main reasons for the reduction of regular cigarettes usage.

Electronic cigarette is a device powered by a battery which delivers that feeling of smoking without combusting tobacco as regular cigarettes do. These electronic cigarettes can be used as substitution for regular cigarettes and you can quit smoking with the help of this device. Since these electronic cigarettes are now widely used in the world today, they have got an enormous demand in the market.

Taking these factors in to consideration, many companies now have started to manufacture e Cig products including electronic cigarettes. So you will have high quality and low quality products in the market, you should pay your attention on the quality and other factors before selecting the electronic cigarette that you are going to use.

What is Vapour.UK


When it comes to the brands they trade, they are the best brands available in the market. They deliver the brands such as:

  • Aspire
  • Kangertech
  • Innokin
  • Vision
  • Mrs Lord & Co
  • Decadent Vapours
  • Colonel Booms
  • Generals Juices
  • Van Dyke Vapes
  • Liberty Flights


Which have maintained a good consistence and quality in their products. So do not have to worry about the quality of the products which Vapour.UK distributes. In contrast to other online stores, Vapour.UK give away these high quality and branded products for a cheap price which has affect them to have a huge number of customers all around the region. And they offer a warranty for each and every product that they deliver. Due to this the faith of the customers towards the company increases considerably.

People are afraid to purchase from online stores most of the times, because there are some sites which deceive them. But you do not need to be concern about that factor with Vapour.UK. You can purchase from this site with peace of mind and they offer fast reliable delivery.

When it comes to the customer service of Vapour.Uk, they are on their mark to assist you at anytime and they are expecting your suggestions and complaints, so that they can deliver more advanced and quality service for their customers.

Vapour.UK Benefits


Vapour.UK is one of the best online stores available for the electronic cigarettes and e Liquids in the market. You can have many benefits by holding hands with Vapour.UK.

  1. The first benefit is that you get the chance to deal with a company who have built their name in the market and with a company which can be count on.
  2. Vapour.UK offers their products for a cheaper price when compared to other similar online stores available. This can be considered as another important benefit that you will gain from this company.
  3. The products in the Vapour.UK are made with high quality materials and they are durable.
  4. Before the deliveries take place, each and every product will go through 3 point scanning process before they leave the Warehouse. So it ensures again the quality of the products and you will receive perfectly manufactured products at your door step. This is another benefit that you will gain from this company.
  5. Warranty is a condition and factor that affect in the connection between the customer and the Company. And it is really important to have a warranty for each and every product and services and it is a characteristic of a good faithful company. Vapour.Uk too offers a warranty period for each and every product in their products line up which is another benefit that you will get.
  6. You can perform secure online payments with this site and you can have reliable and fast delivery too.

The mentioned above are only some of the benefits you will gain from the Vapour.UK. There are many more benefits you will get including special offers and discount codes.

Kanger Evod 2 Starter Kit Review


Kanger is one of the companies who manufacture electronic cigarettes and their products have able to become the choice for most of the electronic cigarette users.

Kanger has got a wide range of products including vape pens, e-liquids, starter kits and many more.

Kanger Evod 2 Starter kit is one of the best products they have got and it comes to the market with interesting features.

When it comes to the Kanger Evod 2 starter kit package, it contains:

  • 2 Kanger Evod 650mAh capacity batteries
  • 2 Kanger Evod 2 tanks
  • 7 Coils
  • A USB charger lead
  • A EU wall plug
  • Packaged inside a Kanger Gift presentation box
  • User manual

kanger-evod-2-starter-kit-silver-stainless-steel This electronic cigarette will be great for the beginners and others too. This kit comes to the market in several colors such as black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, stainless steel and yellow. So you get the chance to select one from your preferred color. When it comes to charging, you can easily charge this unit by connecting to the USB port of a computer or by connecting to the wall adapter.

Now this product is available in the Vapour.UK store and you can purchase one of these for an affordable price and it will save some money when compared to the amount you pay for the regular tobacco containing cigarettes.

So do not hesitate to spend some cash for this product since it is one of the best electronic cigarettes available in the market.

Innokin Cool Fire 4 Review


Innokin is another company which has built a huge reputation in the electronic cigarette industry because of their quality products. This company is delivering a great service for their customers and they are now in this business for a very long time.

They have got an interesting products line up with all the e Cig products and accessories. Innokin cool fire 4 is one of their best products and it has able to become the choice for a number of electronic cigarette users.

When it comes to the package of the Innokin Cool Fire 4 electronic cigarette, the package contains a lot of components which will help you to have an advanced experience in vaping. The package contains:

  • Innokin 40W battery
  • An eGo adapter
  • A USB charger
  • User manuals


This device comes with an OLED screen and it is a flip screen. So that it can be easily used by both left handed and right handed individuals. The Innokin Cool Fire 4 is integrated with a light system which indicates the battery level of the device. So that you can be kept updated about the battery states thanks to these indicators.

This is the top selling vape device in the Innokin products line up and it comes in several colors including Amethyst, Black, Blue, Gold, Purple, Red and Silver. Because of this user get the chance to select the unit from his or her favorite color.

When we consider about the design of this device, it is finished with a pretty interesting and attractive design in a way that it can get the attraction of anyone who love vaping. Now you can purchase this device from Vapour.UK with a warranty for a reasonably cheaper price.