Why E Cigarettes are better than smoking cigarettes

Why E Cigarettes are better than smoking cigarettes

Why E Cigarettes are better than smoking cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes, delivers you a large number of severe and mild health issues. Understanding these health risks, hundreds of smoke quitting options being introduced to the market and only few of them are found to be effective. Among the effective options, e cigarettes are recognized as one of the most effective ways that can help a person to be away from harmful smoking.

Health Effects of smoking cigarettes

As per the studies, conventional smoking can damage almost all the organs in human body. With every cigarette you smoke, over 3,800 chemicals will be inhaled and about 85 of them are identified to be highly toxic substances. They can cause cancers, heart diseases strokes and numerous other issues pertaining to your health.

Shockingly, one in every six deaths in United States directly related to smoking. In other words:

more than 370,000 Americans per year die because of smoking

E Cigarettes

Realizing all these facts, using a vaporizer seems to be a better option than smoking a toxic conventional cigarette. Basically, there are four types of fluids used with the vaporizers:

  1. Propylene Glycol
  2. Vegetable Glycerin
  3. Nicotine
  4. Seasoning

The main substance of the e-cigarettes, Propylene Glycol is recognized as nourishment added substance. Vegetable Glycerin is extracted thick oil from natural stuff like corn which tastes sweet. The addictive substance in these cigarettes is known as Pharmaceutical-grade nicotine which is being extracted from the tobacco plant.

This is what gets you attracted to the cigarette because of its addictive characteristic. Knowing the effect of nicotine, you can simply avoid including it on your e-fluid list and enjoy a less harmful cigarette.

Interestingly, as per a study conducted by the American Lung Association, nicotine substitution substances like vaporizers and e-fluids are capable of helping to withdraw the side effects caused by nicotine. Amazingly, within one year after quitting smoking, the chances of getting heart attacks are dramatically reduced.

When you reach the 2-5 years mark as a smoke quitter, the risk of getting a stroke drops to the level of a nonsmoker. Further, within these five years, the risks of getting mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder growth minimizes dramatically. After 10 years as a smoke quitter the danger of lung disease reduces perfectly.

What you should know at the beginning of the process of quitting smoke is that it is not a very easy thing to do. The process should be supported by many other facts. If not the whole process will be in vain. However, once you decide to stop smoking, you shouldn’t ever try a conventional cigarette at least for once.

In fact, you can stick to the plan of smoking an e-cigarette only and fulfill the sensation until you get use to the new life condition. As you start to feel better, taste better and experience a better health condition, you can assess the situation with the past and never go back to the old annoying routing.